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Born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province in 1996.

Graduated from the Department of Commercial Photography, School of Photography, Beijing Film Academy in 2018.

Now study in Photography, Royal College of Art.

About Me

Born in WenZhou, ZheJiang Province in 1996


Graduated from the department of commercial photography, school of photography, Beijing Film Academy in 2018

Now study in MA Photography, Royal College of Art 


The 16th Pingyao International Photography Festival “More distant view” Shanxi, China, 2016

LVG2016 Taizhou Photography Biennale, Zhejiang, China, 2016

The 7th Dali International Film Festival "More distant view", Yunnan, China, 2017

Year Book 2018, Fisheye magazine, 2018

‘Home’ group exhibition, Artizang Gallery, UK, May/2021 

‘Abstract Art’ group exhibition, The Brick Lane Gallery, UK, Sept/2022

Work in process group show hosted by photo scratch, The Photographers’ Gallery, UK, Oct/2022

'Whispers' in the 'Memory' group exhibition, CTypeMag Gallery, Thailand, Dec/2022

'Whispers' in The 10th Dali International Film Festival, Yunnan, China, Sept/2023

'Whispers' in the Final List of Emerging Talent Awards, Lensculture, Oct/2023

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